Amber Hempen Photography

Amber Hempen Photography

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Are you a real person?

 Cool. So am I, and I love to capture life’s real moments. From your toddler toppling over into their smash cake to the look of love in your partner’s eyes as you walk down the aisle towards the rest of your life. My goal is to show genuine glimpses of special moments in your life. Sometimes it’s tears and scraped knees. Other times it’s sweaty palms nervously clutching a handkerchief. When you look at your pictures, 

you’ll remember what the day was really like. Mess and all.

   Hey you, yes you :) Thank you for check out the about me, I am Amber Hempen. I am 30 years old, a photographer, a pet owner, Doctor Who fan, Nerd at heart who love's photography. I love to not only take your photo, but create a fun experience.  I want you to walk away thinking wow I can't wait until next years family photo or our next family members wedding! I want to take the stress out of your day! Make you laugh and forget you are getting your photo taken! 

I love to give people a fun experience, I like to make my client laugh. I swear I have a method to my madness (I asked a couple to read children books to me at a photo-shoot the other day and OMG the photo's look amazing) I like to capture real life, the real you, as I look at a photo that my mom got a sears of us and its so fake, its not our family and no one wants that :)  

I might have a tad ADD, but its just me I call it master of Multi tasking! I love my family & friends & dogs & cat... I live out in Beavercreek, Oregon. Its crazy I never thought I would end up where I spend my childhood and I am embracing living on the land my grandparents bought over 50 year's ago! (I am 3rd generation owner) I love country living just not country music..