Amber Hempen Photography

Amber Hempen Photography

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About Amber :)

I believe wedding photography is an art. Seeing everything without being seen...being everywhere without being felt...creatively capturing all the memorable moments of a wedding day...that's 

what makes wedding photography an art. Photography is my passion. I capture the real images of that specific wedding day: the details, family emotions, wonderful guests interactions and of-course the couple in their most beautiful moments. I’m their to perfectly document your stunning wedding day, to help you & your family remember everything that happens on your special day that will help define the rest of your lives together.

   Hey you, yes you :) Thank you for check out the about me, I am Amber Hempen. I am 30 years old, a photographer, a pet owner, Doctor Who fan, Nerd at heart who love's photography. I love to not only take your photo, but create a fun experience.  I want you to walk away thinking wow I can't wait until next years family photo or our next family members wedding! I want to take the stress out of your day! Make you laugh and forget you are getting your photo taken! 

I love to give people a fun experience, I like to make my client laugh. I swear I have a method to my madness (I asked a couple to read children books to me at a photo-shoot the other day and OMG the photo's look amazing) I like to capture real life, the real you, as I look at a photo that my mom got a sears of us and its so fake, its not our family and no one wants that :)  

I might have a tad ADD, but its just me I call it master of Multi tasking! I love my family & friends & dogs & cat... I live out in Beavercreek, Oregon. Its crazy I never thought I would end up where I spend my childhood and I am embracing living on the land my grandparents bought over 50 year's ago! (I am 3rd generation owner) I love country living just not country music..