Amber Hempen Photography

Amber Hempen Photography


Hey you!  Yes you!  Thanks  for checking out the about me page.   I'm Amber Hempen. I'm a small business owner, a photographer, a pet owner, Doctor Who fan and a nerd at heart.   For me, photography is all about the experience.  I love to not only take your photo, but create a fun environment where you can relax and just be yourself.  I want you to walk away thinking " Wow! I can't wait to work with Amber again!"  Ignore the camera in my hands.  It's just me, and we're just hanging out having fun.

 I like to capture real life.  The real you.  Not some stuffy, overly formal, posed images that you'll look back at years later and wonder what you were thinking.

I'm the master of multi-tasking!  Give me some Red Bull, and I pretty much don't stop. 

My friends and family are so very important to me.  Without their support, I wouldn't be able to pursue my dreams of owning my own business.  I've lived in Beavercreek, Oregon my entire life, and now live on the property that my grandpa bought years ago.  I love my country living!  Just don't ask me to sing you any country songs (David Bowie has my heart).